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Ontario's only cider made with 100% cider apples

from our trees to your tastebuds

unleash your WildCide

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Why cider apples

Most Ontario ciders are made from dessert apples, the same varieties you’ll find in your local grocery stores. These apples were grown to be sweet and palatable when you bite into them, however they lack the complexity required to make a good cider. When the juice from these apples is fermented, the sugars are converted into alcohol and the flavour disappears. The cider apples grown at RiverOak have more complex flavours and tannins to give them some bite. The tannins remain in the juice throughout the fermentation process to give the final product more flavour. With more than 9 unique varieties throughout the property, we’re able to create a delicious blend that hits every note on your pallet.


Grown organically right here on site you know exactly what’s going into your drink! Our trees have never been touched with pesticides or herbicides of any kind, all apples are clean and safe to eat right off the tree. The trees have been planted by birds and squirrels over the years and left to grow, providing a widespread cider orchard just the way nature intended. With a permaculture-type growing arrangement we’ve got many species of trees and plants dispersed throughout our orchards. This provides a natural balance for all mother nature’s critters to thrive, while eliminating the need for harsh chemicals to control them.


How it's made

Our cider is made in small batches on site where each step, from picking to drinking, is thoughtfully carried out. Apples are collected from the orchard every few days throughout the harvest season, they’re brought back to our processing facilities where every single apple is soaked and washed with fresh ground water. From there the apples are ground up and left to sit, this opens up the cell walls allowing the pomace to break down better and release their full flavour potential. When they’re ready we press and release the delicious juice trapped inside! At this point the juice is fermented and aged, filtered and flavoured as needed.


Dry Honey

RiverOak’s original signature WildCide! On ice or by the fire. Made with all-natural, unadulterated, free-range cider apples right here at RiverOak. On the dryer side with just a touch of raw honey, you’ll have just a ‘lil sweetness in your cider.


A sweeter and fruitier WildCide. Perfect to cool off in summer or bring a sweet flavour to your cold winter. Made with all-natural, unadulterated, free-range cider apples from RiverOak’s orchards right here in Ottawa. With a few real strawberries fruity drink is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Warm up in the cold seasons with this cinnamon and apple pie spiced cider! This hot sweet WildCide will warm the cockles of your heart on the coldest of days. Always served hot, FireCide is the perfect après-skate drink around the campfire.

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