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Current COVID-19 Measures

The health and safety of our staff and guests is top priority. In order to help keep everyone safe, we will be implementing measures this season following public health guidance.

We ask for your cooperation in following these measures.

  1. All clients and employees should do a self screening prior to arriving. If any symptoms exists stay home.

  2. Masks are mandatory in all indoor areas.

  3. Masks are mandatory in all outdoor areas where physical distancing is not possible.

  4. A sign-in sheet is required of all guests for contact tracing. Sheet should include names, email address or phone number and date/time of visit.

  5. Eating/drinking is not permitted inside. Outside eating and drinking to be enjoyed keeping physical distancing of two meters of other guests.

  6. Hand sanitizer is to be provided and used in all indoor areas.

  7. Vaccines passports are not necessary.

  8. Physical distancing  inside and outside.

  9. Capacity restricted indoors to 50%.

Although things may look a little different at RiverOak this year, we are committed to providing a place where the whole family can get outdoors and have a great winter adventure at nature's playground.


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